BMW Engines

Gear Reduction Drive (Propeller Speed Reduction Unit) for Motor Bike Engine BMW 1100 – 1200

 The German BMW moto bike engine – 2 cylinders with capacity of 1100 and 1200 cm3, engine power 80 and 112 HP. Easy adaptable for homebuilt aircraft. 

 Our kit includes: 

  • flywheel
  • centrifugal clutch unit 
  • tortional vibration damping unit 
  • two worm cog gear – available reduction ratios: 1:2,55, 1:2,76, 1:3, 1:3,26

The kit is provided as assembled and ready for installation on the engine.

We give you a 2 years guarantee for standard using of our PSRU (except centrifugal
clutch – it must be replaced after about 400 hours of working)